What does individual therapy look like?

In our first session you will let me know what it is that brought you into therapy and how you see therapy being a part of your process. I’ll be able to get a better picture of you and what your needs are. Together we will discuss what your goals and expectations of our sessions are and develop a plan for us to address the issues affecting your overall wellness.

At the beginning of therapy I meet with clients weekly so that we can establish a safe, comfortable relationship and begin to identify and work on the issues at hand. After we have reached an agreed place of stabilization the sessions can be spaced out.

What about couples counseling?

As a human being it is a natural instinct to crave connection and companionship and when we are not getting that either from our partner or our loved ones we may feel unbalanced, unwanted, or unloved. Therapy can often help to ease the conflict and increase communication, connection, and understanding. Therapy can even be helpful if there are not any present problems in a relationship or family by strengthening the connections already in place and bringing forth a greater sense of interpersonal awareness amongst each person.

I work with couples similar to how I would an individual. I would meet with the couple for a first session so that we can talk about what is not working and what is working. I would continue to see couples together for all following sessions. Sometimes one partner, or both, may need to do some work on their on with individual therapy. If that is the case, options for individual therapy will be discussed with the couple.

Call me today for a free 15 minute consultation so we can discuss any questions or concerns you might have about starting therapy.